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ParallelJ studio is actually a set of Eclipse plug-ins, so we'll need to install Eclipse.

Installing Eclipse

In order to install ParallelJ Studio 1.3.0 you'll need:

  • Eclipse 4.3
  • Java 7

First, you just have to download Eclipse 4.3 from the official website: Once you downloaded the package you want, just unzip it somewhere on your file system, and launch Eclipse.

Installing ParallelJ studio in Eclipse

In order to install ParallelJ studio in Eclipse, you just have to follow the usual Eclipse way using update sites, so go through Help>Install new software:


Then, select the update site corresponding to the Eclipse version you installed, and type it in the installation wizard:


Then, you just have to select ParallelJ studio in the displayed list of components, and proceed with the installation. You'll have to accept some licences, and validate that you want to install ParallelJ studio. Finally, you'll have to restart your Eclipse installation.

That's over, you now have a complete ParallelJ environment available on your workstation !