Optimus Documentation Portal

What is it ?

Optimus in an Open Source framework, based on the Eclipse IDE to propose Agile Model Transformation management. It relies on the MDE (Model Driven Engineering) concepts to propose APIs and tools to build Model Transformation / Code generation applications that are

  • Visible: At everytime, someone using Optimus will know what is being transformed and generated

  • Configurable: A user will have the possibility, at anytime, to enable/disable part of a transformation process, to make it adapted to its need

  • Extensible: An advanced user will have the possibilite at anytime, to enhance an existing transformation process or create his own one.

Optimus is not a new code generator framework. And it clearly doesn’t aim at being a concurrent to existing transformation languages such as ATL or Acceleo. It is complementary to them, as it proposes a way to orchestrate code generation processes.

Why should I use it ?

Because it’s up to the tool to get adapted to your context and not up to you to adapt to the tool you are using…

Indeed, have you ever been frustrated to use a tool that ALMOST fits your needs? For instance, a code generator that builds from nothing a wonderful ready-to-run complex application, but in what is generated there is ONE method you always need to update ?

In this case, Optimus is made for you. As any model transformation application, including code generators, will be fully extensible. This means that you will be able to natively make it as you want

How can I get more information about it ?

The javadoc associated to Optimus plugins is available here

The following links will head you towards the different parts of Optimus and their usage and extension points.