What is it about ?

This document describes how to enable the Asciidoc capability on an existing Maven project. It basically consists in updating the pom.xml configuration and the project structure

How to do such ?

At first, you need to have an existing maven project. Here, a simple POM project is sufficient as there is no Java requirement in the project (This is even recommended, compared to default "JAR" packaging).


Then, you can enable the asciidoc feature from right-clicking on the project.


The actions performed here are the following:

  • It will update the folder structure of the project, to create source and target dedicated folder

    • Source folder for pages is src/main/asciidoc

    • Source folders for resources (images/css/…​) are src/main/doc-resources/images and src/main/doc-resources/css

    • Target folder for generated documentation & resources is target/generated-docs

  • It will generate a default CSS and an empty documentation template (.ad file)

  • It will update the pom file with.

    • An ant task that will copy the resources from src/main/doc-resources to target/generated-docs

    • An Asciidoc Maven plugin documentation to generate pages from src/main/asciidoc to target/generated-docs


From this, the generation of documentation is doable through a simple mvn compile goal and all resources are colocalized into the target/generated-docs folder! This makes this much more easy to configure from Jenkins, to automatically generate (and why not deploy) the documentation on their corresponding websites.