What is it about ?

When writing a document, it is always interesting to check the rendering of the document, to ensure the syntax and CSS are as expected.

To help with this, Asciidoc Tools comes with an Editor that proposes a split resizable editor, to have the rendering visible after each file save.

By default, this editor is enabled for files with the following extensions: .ad and .asciidoc

How to do such ?

In the Package Explorer/Project Explorer, once the tools are installed, you should see the icon of the source document changed to a "A", as on the screen below:


When you see that, just open the file to open the corresponding editor:


Here, on the right part of the screen, you should see a slider that will help you change the ratio of the rendering/edition windows and buttons to change the splitting orientation and to reset the rendering editor (in case you follow links for instance).