The following page describes the Eclipse components that are built by a Worldline initiative.

For each component we are involved in,you will find a short description and links that head to the projects documentation and Update Sites. Some are nightly (binaries built on a nightly basis, through Continuous Integration), and some are stable and production-ready deliverables.

The source code of all the products and frameworks are available on Github on our WLTech Organization.

So make your choice! Happy browsing!


Webtools for Tapestry


Webtools for Tapestry is an Eclipse component to assist the development on Apache Tapestry based web applications. It comes with wizards to create resources (projects, pages and components), a multitab editor to switch easily between the templates and their source code and autocompletion in TML editor for any component and mixin you have in your classpath.

The latest released version is 1.2.1 on Feb 17, 2014

ParallelJ Studio


ParallelJ Studio is a modelling tool. It comes on top of ParallelJ (http://www.parallelj.org) and proposes batch/dataflow modelling and code generation on top of such models, as per a model driven approach. Also, for people who prefer to handle the source code directly ParallelJ comes with Source Code live validation and auto completion to increase the batch development productivity.

The latest released version is 1.3.0 on Oct 29, 2013



I18NTools is an tool that helps with internationalizing your applications. It proposes the application of an pure java internationalization method, through the usage of Java Enumerations, thanks to source code refactoring and an editor for easier translation management.

The latest released version is 1.1.0 on May 21, 2014

Asciidoc Tools


Asciidoc Tools proposes an integration of the Asciidoc documentation tool in Eclipse. It proposes natively a feature to transform Maven projects into Asciidoc documentation projects (pom.xml update & project structure), and brings a Project Builder for live rendering and a split screen editor for Asciidoc.

The latest released version is 0.2.0 on May 16, 2016

Application Profiles


Application Profiles is a extensible framework that eases the creation of dynamized multi-projects applications.

The latest released version is 1.0.1 on May 22, 2015

AST Validation Framework


AST Validation Framework is a tool that takes the best of the AST API and the Eclipse workbench mechanisms, to propose an extension-point based validation framework.

The latest released version is 1.1.1 on Feb 25, 2014



CLiC is a extensible framework for Command Line Interpretation in Eclipse

The latest released version is 0.1.0 on Nov 14, 2013

GMF Properties Views Framework


This framework contains API and implementation to helps with management of GMF-based diagrams' properties views design, implementation and refreshment.

The latest released version is 1.0.0 on Oct 08, 2013

Mylyn Notification Framework


This framework is the externalization of the notification framework that is implemented in Mylyn, to be useable in a standalone context.

The latest released version is 1.0.0 on Oct 08, 2013



Optimus is an agile Transformation Framework. It proposes a new way to handle EMF-based model transformations, using requirements instead of predefined workflows. It also comes natively with a strong java generator, to provide a ready-to-use framework for developing code generators

The latest released version is 1.1.0 on May 04, 2015

Resource Selector


The Resource Selector is an extensible module that offers the possibility to select, through a user dialog box, any kind of resource from an Eclipse Project. It was initially used to display in the same dialog, all types from a projects classpath as well as all the UML types from uml models located in the same project. (Implementation is available as a sample of the project.)

The latest released version is 1.0.0 on Oct 08, 2013